Lewis County Youth Soccer Association

Player Gear

Each player Should have:

  • Soccer cleats
  • Shin guards
  • Uniform (at games)
  • Water bottle or sports drink to keep them hydrated
  • Proper clothes (Short when its hot, sweats when its cold)

Each player should be:

  • On time to practice
  • On time to games
  • In contact with their coach when they will be absent

Parent Code of Conduct

  • Be There: Regardless of the skill level of your child or the success of your team - go to the games.
  • Be Positive: Criticizing your player, teammates, the other team or the officials during the game creates a negative environment that make it difficult to perform well. Let them play, coach and officiate.
  • Are you a Distraction? Although it's good to be positive, it's good not to overdo it.. Players should not confuse your voice with the public address system. You are not the coach!
  • You can complain! But not to your player, your coach, the other coach, the official or anybody else on the field. If you have a problem with a situation, contact you club president and submit a complaint in writing. We cannot fix anything unless we know about it and have a written statement.
  • You do not have a right to interact with the game official:

The Referee is in charge of the game.

Your coach is responsible for the management of the sideline, including you and all other parents, family members and friends.

It is within the rights of a coach, official or club representative to ask you to leave if your behavior warrants it. Failure to comply will be handled by the Club or County President.

If you criticize the game officials, you are teaching your children that it is okay to challenge the official. Actually, it is not OK and can result in your child receiving a yellow or red card. If you receive a red card the club to which you belong will receive a $100.00 Fine.

  • Say thanks! Thank the coaches, the referees, and your children!
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